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This milestone event marks five years of providing vital mental health services to the community. It aims to raise awareness of mental health, self-care wellness benefits, and the support of local businesses.

Our celebration will take place on Friday, September 20, 2024, at Hudson Candy Factory located at 161 River Street, Troy, NY, where we anticipate gathering community members, local business leaders, and healthcare professionals. This event offers a unique opportunity to showcase the expansion of Our Village Services, LLC and 1st Step Counseling, PLLC, while forming valuable connections with attendees. As a sponsor, your company’s logo and name will be prominently displayed on our event promotional materials and website, providing significant exposure and recognition.

Our anniversary event will support several key initiatives, including:

We sincerely hope that Our Village Services, LLC will consider partnering with us for this important event.

Questions? Please get in touch with Are you interested in being a sponsor with Our Village Services, LLC?

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