Breaking Barriers Fund

Welcome to The Break Barriers Fund

With the Break Barriers Fund, we are committed to providing essential support to individuals facing barriers to accessing therapeutic services. Our fund is designed to assist those in need of transportation to therapy appointments and individuals without insurance coverage.

Our Mission

Our mission is to remove the obstacles that prevent individuals from receiving the mental health care they need. Everyone deserves access to therapeutic services, regardless of their financial situation or transportation challenges.

What We Offer

1. Transportation Assistance

  • Reliable Transport: We provide funding for transportation to and from therapy appointments, ensuring you can reach your sessions without worry.
  • Accessible Options: We accommodate various transportation needs, including public transport fares, ride-sharing services, and other mobility solutions.

2. Support for the Uninsured

  • Financial Aid: We offer financial assistance to individuals without insurance to cover the cost of therapy sessions.
  • Connecting Resources: We connect you with therapists and counseling services that offer sliding scale fees or other affordable options.

Why Choose The Break Barriers Fund?

  • Inclusive Support: Our fund is open to all needy individuals, ensuring no one is left behind.
  • Compassionate Assistance: We understand the importance of mental health and are here to provide the necessary support with empathy and care.
  • Community-Focused: We work closely with local communities and healthcare providers to create a support network for those in need.

Join us in breaking down the barriers to mental health care. Apply for assistance from The Break Barriers Fund today and take the first step towards accessible, affordable therapeutic services.